Learning! You couldn't actually make that painting

As you read this, I am frolicking in the land of art!  I am taking a two-week trip to Europe where I hop around to a bunch of random places in the UK and Germany visiting friends.  I am planning on taking in as much art as possible: from Banksy's Dismaland to some sweet British theatre to the art galleries housing pieces I've only read about, I will see it all!

While looking at art, it can be tempting to think, "I could do that", or worse, "my kid could do that."

Of course, that devalues what art offers us, and the work that artists do, doesn't it?

Well, here is a video from PBS on why you are incapable of making that painting.  In the next 5 minutes, you will learn why you couldn't actually make the art that seems so basic.

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