Inspiration! What is a feminist?

Recently a wonderful article came out on Jezebel about a Millenial dad who thought was an awesome feminist... until the baby came and he wound up (as many do) falling into some stereotypical roles.

One of the best parts of the article is when he said, "a feminist, as I understand it, isn't so much something you are as something you do, right?"

Yes!  Yes, oh yes!  He's nailed it!  And of course, this applies to anything we want to be that doesn't have as catchy a name as "feminist" - whether it's an ally to the queer community, refugees, people with disabilities, or a person who is helping fight racism, it's what we do not what we are (or say we are) that matters!

I like it so much I took a screenshot and highlighted it.

So!  Let's all think about something we'd like to be, or something we think we are, and then ask ourselves, are we doing it?

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