Inspiration! Why do you spend your time?

I tend to be a busy lady, and I generally seem to want to get busier and busier.  I cram a lot of stuff in, often struggling with my calendar wondering how the heck I'm going to make it all work.

Because of this, I am pretty into various time management and productivity systems.  If you've got a scheme for how I could best organize my life, I want to know it!  Heck, I'm due for an overhaul.

Recently I came across a brilliant suggestion.  I'm not sure quite how to incorporate it yet, but it inspires me: instead of finding the time, find the why.  Why are you doing the thing that you're doing?  Why are you trying to cram it into your schedule?  If you've got a compelling why, making it work becomes significantly easier.

Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to go through all the things that I do, and write down why I do them.  Then I will evaluate.  Maybe I'll do some version of that tracking everything I do challenge where I track the reasons why instead!  Stay tuned!

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