Inspiration: Change is coming

"Change is hard, failing to change is not an option." - Julia M. Stasch

I'm involved with at least two organizations right now that are undergoing major, deep changes.  I have spent the year watching dear friends get married, have babies, move across the country (or world), make difficult job-switching decisions, and generally find themselves in the throws of major life changes.  As my coworker said yesterday, "Change, like winter, is coming."  (I hope most of you got the Game of Thrones reference there.)

This quote comes from an interview with Julia M. Stasch, president of the MacArthur Foundation, one of the United States' biggest arts funders.  They made some huge changes to how they will distribute funding, and while I'm not sure how I feel about the changes, as a person who works in the arts (albeit a different country, so I will be entirely unaffected), I appreciate her sentiment.  We cannot cling to old ways of doing things.  We must change.  The change will be hard, and won't turn out perfectly, but failing to change is worse.

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