Inspiration! Bad Jokes by Kids

Comedy is a difficult art to master.  Ask any comedian and they'll tell you, it's a lot of work.  A big part of comedy is setting up an expectation and then twisting it.  Then there's another genre of comedy: the "this doesn't make any sense and you think it's funny which makes it funny" genre.  That's an even more difficult line to walk.

Enter Bad Kids Jokes.  An editor for a kids jokes website takes the jokes that are unpublishable, for whatever reason, and posts them on his Tumblr.  The result is a sort of abstract, dadaist expression of comedy.  Basically, unbeknownst to them, these children have walked the line of "this doesn't make any sense and you think it's funny which makes it funny" expertly.

Here are some samples:

This one has a solid understanding of vegetarianism, but maybe not free choice:
crocodiles might be vegitarians because when they open their mouths, we could easily put in vegetables!
This child understands the connection between existence and humour:
have you seen a red zebra

they do not exist
This kid understands subtle differences:
Q:What do you call a dog that can walk?

This author may be a future filmmaker:
why did the cow go to the movies?

because movies
This one is just kind of creepy:
well well well. your JUST IN TIME
This one could be a future debater:
is hermione in harry potter hot?
yes she is
This child shows a strong understanding of both math and the ingredients of a joke:

no joke
This kid could be having an existential crisis:

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