Learning! When Your Age Makes You Go Running

If you're anything like me, the answer to the question "when will you run your first marathon" is simply "never."  I mean, I guess technically we can never say never but I will say that it's pretty darn unlikely that I will ever run for anything other than saving my life or catching a bus.

However, if I were to run a marathon, research shows that I am most likely to do it when I'm at an age that ends in 9.

Makes sense - as a recent 30-year-old, with many friends also in the 29-31 age range, I have noticed a sudden uptick in making things happen, trying new things, and personal challenges in myself and my friends.  This is because even though the difference between 29 and 30 are minimal, changing of decades feels like a significant milestone.  The first number in your age changes, after all!  So we reflect on our lives, what we want, what we're doing, what we've accomplished, and we decide, "daggum it, I'm going to run a marathon!"

Or, maybe you do.  I have no desire to run anything except a dishwasher.

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