Inspiration! Something out of nothing.

Some weeks I have a hard time coming up with something that inspires me. Not because I'm feeling down or hating life, but because I'm busy and distracted and nothing has cropped up that week that was particularly inspiring. This is one of those weeks. I am posting not only at the eleventh hour, but at the eleven-and-a-half-th hour, because I just couldn't really think of something to post about.

So that's this week's inspiration: honesty. Instead of searching for something and posting for the sake of it, I'm going to be honest about where I'm at. Not uninspired. Not down. Not bleh or sad or anything negative. Just not able to think of something inspiring to post about at the moment.

Of course, now that I've had this moment of honesty, some things are popping into my head: this afternoon I hosted my first Kraft Dinner Wednesday lunch with my coworkers and it was awesome, which makes me think of nostalgia and the joy of sharing; I just saw a really funny musical (Urinetown at the Firehall, check it out) the expertly parodies the genre and had some truly awesome choreography, which makes me think of dancing more myself and gave me a funny idea for a script; my cat is really cute, which just makes me feel good; I took my Mom's car in to get serviced today and the dealership shuttled me home and then picked me up again when it was done and that was awesome and convenient and considerate, which makes me think of ways I could help my place of work offer those feelings to customers; I just turned and saw and awesome hooch bottle my friend made for me sitting on a shelf among my sewing supplies and other memorabilia, which makes me think of imagination, craftiness, and generosity.

So there you go, I am still inspired after all!

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