Me & Ryan Gosling when he got jealous of me hugging someone else

Ryan's a pretty secure guy, but once and a while he gets kind of jealous. Like this one time, when I was doing a show with my friend Stuart.  As you can see there are a lot of dynamics in this photo: Stuart has his arms crossed in front of him, as if to close off from the hug I am giving him, but his face is pleasant.  I am actively hugging him, but my face looks unpleasant.  Ryan is sneaking in along the side and looks pretty unimpressed with everything.

So what's the story? Easy:

Stuart was posing for a photo all on his own, trying to look broody and artistic with his arms crossed in front of him.  I swooped in for a hug and was smiling, but then Ryan edged in there and I got a little annoyed that he was stealing our moment.  I mean, come on Ryan, I know you were having an insecure night but I can still hug another man!  (Sometimes we squabble, but we sorted it out that night.  Don't worry, our relationship is not on the rocks.)

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