Learning! Fruits + Veg = Happiness

I often like to say that deep fried foods, chips, buttery popcorn, and anything piled with cheese exists for the sake of happiness, but apparently I am wrong.  A recent study shows that people who eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables have better mental well-being than those who don't.  Now, before this sounds way too obvious, stick with me a second: we all know that fruits and veggies make us physically healthier.  That's painfully obvious by, you know, looking at the world.  But this is talking about mental health.  About happiness.  People who eat healthy foods are happier people.

In fact, they balanced against other health-related activities and found that the only ones associated with mental well-being were eating plants and smoking (smoking having an inverse effect on happiness).

This was 100% correlational, but the isolation of the variable makes it seem like there is potential for it to be causal as well.

Source: Medical News Today.

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