Check yourself

...before you wreck your heart.

When I need an emotional lift, I often turn to pop music from the 90's and early 00's.  The stuff I went to school dances and hoped that Brad Morelli (and then later Adam Carmichael and still later ... well, I don't need to give away all my high school crushes here, do I?) would want to dance with me to.

One of my current favourites is Robyn, in no small part due to the fact that she's now a super-legit, talented pop musician.  Seriously, go listen to the entire Robyn album.  It has been named the best pop album ever/in a long time by a lot of people who know stuff about music, and by me.

Anyhoo, I like to go back in time every once and a while to her late 90's hits, the first of which being Show Me Love.  It's just so good in so many ways!

I downloaded the song, and when I listened to it, instead of starting with the characteristic "yea-ee-ea" that I was anticipating I was hit with a very different sound.

Here is the youtube version of what came out of my speakers:

Here is what I was looking for:

Turns out that there are TWO pop stars from the 90's with songs called Show Me Love.  The difference?  One is called RobIN and was releasing music in 1993 and the other is called RobYN and was releasing music in 1997.

It seems like this kind of shouldn't be allowed or something.

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