attack of the giant killer bees part five billion

Okay, if you've read this blog for a while, you may know about my saga with giant killer bees*.  Well, last week, after almost a year of silence and placation, it has begun.

That's right.  The killer bees are back.  And now they're trying to trick me into thinking I'm stronger than they are.

I got home from work, laden with groceries, ready to rush-cook dinner for some friends that were coming over before I cleaned the house so that they wouldn't know think that I am a filthy slob, when I turn to the sink.  Inside the sink was one GIANT KILLER BEE, trying to crawl out.

It was already in the sink, y'all.  Like it was just waiting for me to drown it.  So I did.  Fairly easily.  Although the sink drain is designed to try to catch foodstuffs instead of letting them enter the pipe system, so it's giant killer bee carcass sat in the drain opening for a long time, taunting me with its horribleness.

The thing is, if you remember the last time I had a giant killer bee in a sink, it took more than mere water to kill it.  I had to douse it with bleach in the end to keep it from crawling back out from the bottom of the pipe, and probably created some kind of mutant super-giant killer bee in the process.

So you understand why I am now a little suspicious.  I mean, what kind of game are they playing here?  Are they trying to build up my sense of competence so that they can crush me in one, giant, stingy blow?  I'm kind of afraid to take showers now, like the next time I do there's going to be a swarm of giant killer bees appearing in the bathroom and I will not be able to fight them all off.

All this to say, if you meet up with me on the street and I seem really unkempt, I probably am avoiding showers for fear of giant killer bees.

*clearly I didn't plan the spacing out of those links well enough to finish the sentence, but I don't want to go back and fix it.  Sorry world.

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