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Hey ladies, remember Sassy magazine?  Or Jane?  Both short-lived magazines for female-types that were (apparently) the cream of the crop for magazines that are geared at women, yet don't make women feel like worthless piles of worthlessness all the time.  I say apparently because I was pretty young when Sassy was out and about, and while I read it a few times, I really don't remember any defining features except for a cover image with a cool rocker-looking chick with super blonde short hair and heavy eye make up who I thought was the best thing since best things.

Anyways, the superwoman behind both these magazines now has a website called xoJane, and it is AWESOME.  I just spent some time "flipping through" it and immediately added it to my iGoogle home page because (as Steve Tyler once said) I don't wanna miss a thing.

Check out this advice Jane gives to a woman who thinks her husband might be gay:
That’s not something that’s your job to figure out--his sexuality. Your job is to only make yourself happy and take care of yourself. Trust your instincts. Tell him to explore whatever he needs to explore, find himself however he needs to find himself, and that you are going to take care of your own self and you may or may not be there when he’s done with his exploration.
Seriously?  Maybe I'm just stuck on this because of the situation of my most recent heartbreak (and no, he wasn't potentially gay, but instead suddenly morphed into a disastrous cliche, becoming so terrified of commitment that he decided not only that he didn't love me anymore but that my love made him angry*), but I am suddenly full of "I'm going to get married to myself"-type feelings of love and appreciation for me.

I also might be a *little bit* kicking myself for not having the grace, foresight, and junk to say something like that the aforementioned heartbreaker two months ago.  But hey, we're all on a journey, right?

Thanks, Jane.

*Hooray for over-disclosure on the internet!

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  1. That is awesome, Andrea. Thanks for sharing the website link. Also, you are amazing. Just FYI.