Well I guess this means I'm hot?

A few weeks ago I joined OKCupid.  To be perfectly honest, it was more for the psychological benefit of mentally "putting myself out there" than it was for actually meeting and dating people off the site.  I did the whole online dating thing in my last stint of singledome, and while it wasn't by any means disastrous, I didn't meet anyone who I had real chemistry with either.  This really was just an attempt to help me start to think of myself as a hot toddy on the market.  Plus, OKCupid has really fun bonus questionnaire things and such that you can use.

Needless to say, I haven't been a very active user.  I don't get many messages, which I like to think is because I don't show off my "goods" but instead my personality.  Still, I actually did go on one date with someone who messaged me, mainly because, well, why not?  Also, I was meeting up with "the ex" the next day for a chat and I selfishly decided to use this internet chap for some pre-meetup self esteem boosting.

Last week I got this email:

Presuming that they're telling the truth, this means that they only show the attractive people to the other attractive people on the site!  Isn't this some kind of terrible discrimination?  Don't less attractive people deserve a shot with the hotties?  What if I, a very attractive person (apparently) had a thing for people with a certain brand of less-attractiveness?  What if someone got mis-labeled and is actually stunning?  What if an uggo gets into the hottie pile?

Well I have to be honest, with the mild amount of browsing I had done on that site I was kind of taken aback with how unattractive the users were.  When I checked again after this (because of course I did), they were moderately better.  So... good?

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