commit a crime, update your status

So... last night my city went kinda nutso.  There's already a bajillion blog posts, news stories, and facebook/twitter status updates about it.  Luckily my friends aren't idiots and all the updates I'm seeing are some variation on the "I'm so disgusted" and "this is not my city" variety.

I'm glad I'm not friends with any of these hooligans (side note: has the word "hooligan" been used more times in the past 40 years?  Probably not.  Thanks for bringin' it back, Gregor!), but I would have enjoyed taking a screen shot of something like this from my newsfeed:

Haha!  Oh Billy, you should be ashamed!  Can you tell I'm flirting with you???  Because I am, 
I'm doing that thing where I kind of put you down but I giggle at the same time so you know I'm 
just pretending to give you a hard time!!!11!  If we were in the same room I would be touching 
your arm right now.

Brockkkkkk!  It is evidence!  And it's too late!!!!  One of your friends is a narc!!!!

Don't bother tagging me because I'm going to put up an incriminating status update myself!  Then one of my friends will 
incriminate himself as well!  We've got it covered, guys!

Guess this just proves what everyone has been saying for years: young people don't seem to understand the whole privacy + internet = fake thing.  Thank goodness.

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