A Self-Care Roundup for International Self-Care Day!

It's International Self-Care Day! Here is a roundup of ways to take care of yourself!
By Laura Salaberry.

Today is International Self-Care Day! To celebrate, here's a roundup of some of my favourite past posts about self-care. Let's go take care of ourselves!

One Important Ingredient That Was Missing From My Self-Care

(Hint... it was fun! Let's have fun!)

Self-Care is Hard When Feeling Better is Out of Reach

(For those times when it doesn't seem like anything will make you feel better - try asking what won't make you feel worse.)

Let's Try This: Taking Mini-Vacations to Keep Up With Life

(This one is only really available to those who have the luxury of vacation days, but dang if it doesn't take the edge off of the constant treadmill of life stuff.)

Talk Friendly to Me

(Wherein I pretend I have a best friend inside my head who I can talk to about my stressful/scary/insecure things. She is very nice.)

And finally, this quote from a past Inspiration! Roundup:

"Self-care is also not arguing with those who are committed to misunderstanding you."
-Ayishat A. Akanbi

Remember, friends: self-care is not just (or even necessarily) sheet masks and pedicures. To quote a dear friend of mine:

"Self-care is not the same thing as self-indulgence."
-Alison Chisholm
Sometimes self-care means actually forcing yourself to show up or have a hard conversation. It can be working out, it can be going to the party, it can be plowing through that last little bit of the report so that it's no longer hanging over your head, and it can be eating your vegetables.

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