Learning! Roundup: Thinking Without Words, Elephants Saving Carbon, Everyone Likes What They See, and More!

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Photo by Pixabay.

Thinking Without Words

I recently learned that the difficulty I have mentally visualizing things is a real thing, and now I am learning about unsymbolized thought, or thought without symbols or words. So many different ways to think!

Elephants Save Carbon

Elephants are more than just noble giants with perfect memories. Thanks to their large stature, they also crush smaller plant life in forests, which actually helps the larger plants flourish, thus increasing the biomass of the forest and its ability to store carbon. Thanks, Elephants!

We All Like What We See

I don't know about you, but I grew up being told that men are "more visual" than women (and thus, in the Evangelical church I grew up in, it was my fault if a guy looked at me and cursed his heart by lusting after me). Turns out that women are actually just as aroused by sexual images as men, though. Equality!

Women Can Do It, They Just Don't

In other gender-stereotype-related news, Americans have grown, in general, to see women as just as competent as men. Now the issue is that those dang women just aren't as ambitious. So it's still their fault they aren't rising to the top of Fortune 500 companies.

How Do You See Your Body?

Here's another fun risk of depression: thinking you're overweight. Not being overweight, just thinking you are. Which sucks on many levels, one of which being that there is actually nothing wrong with being overweight! Thanks a lot, social stigma.

Free Education!

The UN has made a series of sustainable development courses available for FREE. So cool.

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