Inspiration! Roundup: Mother/Child Love Preserved, Circular Embroidery, Requests from Solitary, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": HOME! This is not my home, nor does it resemble my home in any way, but something about it makes me think "home", and after 10 days away, I am looking forward to my home.
Photo by Ostap Senyuk.

Mother and Child

A beautiful series of drawings and paintings have been created depicting love between a mother and child.


Natalie Ciccoricco embroiders radial circles onto photographs, and it's lovely.

Photo Requests from Solitary

A new project has emerged to help prisoners who are living in solitary confinement (a truly brutal form of torture) by providing them with images of their choice. Prisoners can request photos of whatever they want and amateur photographers submit their results. The requests range from sunsets and other peaceful nature scenes to cats looking out windows to beautiful women to the police being arrested by regular citizens.

It is a poignant gallery of desire.


Artist Mari Katayama had her legs amputated at the age of 9. She has created a series of self-portraits photographing herself with hand-sewn limbs and other objects.

Stay High

Do you want to watch Terry Crews lipsync his way through Brittany Howard's single Stay High? Because I DO!

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