Inspiration! Roundup: Paying Attention with Keanu, Everything is Terrible, Divorced Birds, and More!

A roundup of inspiring things, including reading in bed, Keanu Reeves, divorced birds, and more
This Week's "I want to go to there": I just did some adventuring, so now I am ready to do some relaxing and reading.
I just need to find a book that will capture my imagination!
Photo by The Creative Exchange.

Paying Attention

“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.”
— Keanu Reeves

Everything is Terrible

Art collective Everything is Terrible are collecting pop culture from the super-sized pre-internet era. It's "super" fun!

Divorced Birds

Reddit generally has a reputation for being the place where young, angry white boys hang out to be angry together, but there are actually some delightful corners to this platform. Case in point: Divorced Birds. It's a subreddit full of pictures of birds who look like mid-life adults in mid-life crises, such as these twice-divorced birds or this bird who has finally had enough. Honestly, it's more about the storytelling of the captions, not the pics.


Artist euglena creates stunning images out of dandelion seed fluffs. I can only imagine how painstaking this delicate work was.

The Minimizing Coin

I love this trick from Seth Godin! Do you apologize for yourself before you've even started talking? Try this: carry a large coin around (in a foreign currency or otherwise one that is noticeably not regular money) and every time you feel the urge to minimize yourself coming on, turn the coin over instead.

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