Learning! Roundup: Will Trees Save Us?, Fun Facts About Language, Setting Boundaries, and More!

Did you know that we could plant one billion trees and hold off climate change 20 more years? Get planting!
Photo by Peng Chen.

Will Trees Save Us?

If we wanted to give ourselves a small buffer to help deal with climate change, all we need to do is plant billions of trees. Honestly, I think we should, although that I don't trust humans to not use this as a Futurama-style "once and for all" solution.

Fun Facts About Language

It's not a scientific study, but this list of fun facts about language, as learned from The Allusionist podcast, is pretty interesting. Did you know that the word "girl" was used to refer to a child of any gender up until the 14th century? Or that dictionaries have FAKE WORDS? (Betrayal!)

Setting Boundaries

This article gives an interesting summary of what is known to date about the boundaries our sense of selves and beliefs about the world. Examining personality differences through the lens of personal boundaries is really interesting!

Speed Reading

I have come to realize lately that I am not as fast of a reader as I thought I was. Well at least now it turns out that most people aren't! New research pegs the average reading speed significantly lower than previously thought.

Sight-Specific Sensitivities

Most people have areas in the visual cortex of their brains that are particularly sensitive to faces, words, and nature scenes. New research finds that adults who played a lot of Pokémon when they were kids also have a specially sensitive region to those little cartoon monsters. This suggests that childhood experiences teach our brains what visual stimuli are important enough to focus on.

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