Let's All Be Babies!

Photo by Jomjakkapat Parrueng

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about emotional resiliency (you know, as you do), and we realized something: babies may be the best at it.

If a baby gets hurt, it will experience that pain, cry, and then move on. Same with basically any other emotion. Babies don't hold back, and they don't hold on either. The feel whatever they are feeling, maybe with their entire, tiny, bodies, and then they move on.

What would happen if we were all a little more baby-like? If we just let ourselves experience whatever emotion we were feeling at the time and then let it go when it was done?

Okay, so we can't probably start throwing temper tantrums in the boardroom because our idea didn't get used, but maybe we can still give ourselves the time and space to feel whatever it is we're feeling, even if it's unpleasant. Even if we don't think we "should" be feeling it. After all, we clearly ARE feeling it so instead of trying to throw it away or smother it, maybe (just maybe) let it exist.

Hold it together until you get home if the situation requires it, but then just feel it. Give yourself space and feeeeeeeeel it. Whatever the heck that means for you at the time.

(There's one exception that I need to name, as a person who has lived with depression, and that is, well, depression. If you are feeling things because you've spent your entire day/week/month/lifetime telling yourself that you are a useless pariah or that nobody will ever love you or that you are a fundamentally bad person or that nothing you ever do is worth anything, then those aren't feelings to indulge because they are based in horrible lies your brain is telling you, not reality.)

Now, look at some adorable and hilarious gifs of babies experiencing feelings.




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