Learning! Roundup: We Become Our Friends, Rude Emails, Social Media Mobs, and More!

Photo by Bui Than Tam.

Your Brain on Friends

This one is neat! Over time, we begin to take our friends' traits and work them into our self-concept, having a harder time separating their traits from our own and mentally treating their mistakes in the same way we might treat our own. It's like we just slowly mentally overlap with them!

Rude Emails

It looks like emails that are rude or mean have a greater impact than we might realize, impacting our stress levels for the entire day and coming home with us.

Ye Old Social Media Mob

You know how every time there is moral outrage about someone's actions, whether they used a racist slur, raped someone, or some other action that (I thought) we don't appreciate in society, people start jumping up and down about how the online mob has become "judge, jury, and executioner"? Well, here's science about that! Looks like once moral outrage goes viral, those in the "outraged" position become seen as bullies, not noble heroes.

Anti-Vaxxers and Doctors

We know that the anti-vaccine movement is a huge issue in public health today, and new research suggests that parents who are against vaccines actually believe that they know more than medical professionals about medical health.

The Speed of Death

Ever wonder how long death takes to spread through a cell? Now we know! The speed of death is approximately 2mm per hour.

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