Inspiration! Roundup: Chie Fueki Paintings, Moments of Movement, Lin Manuel Miranda, and More!

Inspiration! Roundup: let's get buff, dance all over town, and have Franny Lebowitz teach us about race
This Week's "I want to go to there": Lately one of my besties and I have been talking about getting stronger.
Photo by Alora Griffiths.

Chie Fueki

I would love a giant Chie Fueki painting hanging on my wall somewhere. Maybe this one, called Where?

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Moments of Movement

I quite love this video, it's a simple series of dance vignettes and it made me watch the whole thing.

Gmorning Lin Manuel Miranda

How did I only JUST learn about Lin Manuel Miranda's little Twitter poems for the morning and evening? I'M IN SO MUCH LOVE:

to the heaviness on your heart
that will not budge
and does not move:
‘Sup, heaviness
We still got shit to do,
So I guess you’re coming with us
But we’re driving
And WE get to DJ
Now move over and make room

Visual Processes

Saw this art on Twitter and had to stop for a moment to pay attention.

Fran Lebowitz on Race

The way to approach it, I think, is not to ask, “What would it be like to be black?” but to seriously consider what it is like to be white. That’s something white people almost never think about. And what it is like to be white is not to say, “We have to level the playing field,” but to acknowledge that not only do white people own the playing field but they have so designated this plot of land as a playing field to begin with. White people are the playing field. The advantage of being white is so extreme, so overwhelming, so immense, that to use the word “advantage” at all is misleading since it implies a kind of parity that simply does not exist.

This came from a 1987 interview in Vanity Fair, and the rest of it is just as great. Have a look.

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