Learning! Roundup: Self-Worth and Facebook, Objectifying Others, Transforming Blood, and More!

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Self-Worth and Facebook

There are a lot of ways we can judge our self-worth: social acceptance, appearance, success in competition, academic success, family love, having strong morals, and God's love. If you think social acceptance is key to determining your value, you are at risk of becoming negatively addicted to Facebook.

Why We Objectify

It's not just how much skin someone reveals that leads us to sexually objectify them. It's actually more about body language: we objectify people more based on whether they are in provocative poses than if they are wearing revealing clothing.

Transforming Blood

Did you know that we can turn Type A blood into Type O blood (the universal donor)??? I didn't!!! Apparently, it's been possible for a while, but a slow process. Now, using a bacteria, it can be done much more quickly, which could really help with blood shortages.

All About That Bass

New research looking at music, the brain, and our sweet, sweet dance moves shows that it really is the beat that gets us going. Our brain activity actually synchronizes with the bass elements in a song, helping us to get into the groove.

How to Control a Conversation

If there is someone who is good at controlling a conversation, it's a dominatrix. Well, there is one who is translating that skill into the business world and teaching how to use dominatrix techniques to control a conversation in a less-sexual situation. Tips include answering questions with (more direct) questions, avoiding talking about yourself, and insisting on specificity.

Fishy Fertility

A new study shows that couples that eat more fish might have sex more often and get pregnant more quickly. Of course, this is correlation, not causation, so maybe it's high fertility that leads people to both eat fish and have more sex!

Eat Your Carbs

Thankfully, for all of us who fail at carb-restricting diets, low-carb diets are now linked with a four-year reduction in life expectancy! You know what? If your lifespan is going to be reduced you might as well live it up with some cake and chips.

Hot and Cold

Have you heard of the hot/cold empathy gap? Basically, it means that we are very bad at predicting how we (or others) will actually behave in the moment. From the outside (cold) we can consider the situation and think one course of action is most likely, but science has now shown that we're in it, it really is different.

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