Learning! Roundup: Fall in Love With a Sci Fi Nerd, Unconscious Thoughts May Not Exist, Trigger Warnings, and More!

A roundup of interesting studies from the past week, including the fact that sci fi and fantasy nerds make the best romantic partners!
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Sci Fi Love

It's official! People who love science fiction and fantasy make the best romantic partners! Apparently we have the most mature beliefs about romantic relationships.

Do We Actually Have Unconscious Thoughts?

What an idea: maybe there is no such thing as unconscious thoughts. This notion rests on the question of whether our brains can do more than one thing at a time, and the answer is likely that no, it cannot. Being an interconnected computational machine, our neurons don't differentiate what subject matter is behind the electrical signals they are receiving in order to allocate some to one problem and others to another problem.

Trigger Warnings

A new study on trigger warnings shows that people who receive trigger warnings perceive the material in question to be more potentially distressing and people in general to be more sensitive. (This study was of non-traumatized patients, not those who might actually require the trigger warnings.)

Reasons for Bi Erasure

Last week was Pride Week here in Vancouver, so what better time to look at the problem of bi erasure (or even hostility towards bisexuals) in LGBTQ+ culture? A new study looks at the reasons for bias against bisexual women in particular, and have found that people who are both gay and lesbian perceive bisexual women as having a sexual preference for men. This feeds into mistrust of bisexual women in lesbian culture.

Brain Resilience

A young boy who had severe seizures had one third of the right hemisphere of his brain removed and seems to be functioning totally normally in the aftermath. Brains are so funny! Sometimes a person changes completely after one little bit is damaged, and other times you can take a whole chunk out and they are fine.

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