Learning! Roundup: Getting a Good Night's Rest, Adopting a New Identity, Politics and Cheating, and More!

Did you know that both men and women sleep better in countries with gender equality?
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How Do You Sleep At Night?

In countries with gender equality, both men and women sleep better at night. How nice!

Adopting a New You

I am highly skeptical of these DNA testing services that tell you where your ancestors came from. The whole thing kind of flies in the face of everything I learned about anthropology and sociology and race, which taught me that there was so much intermingling of different groups throughout history and prehistory that there aren't really clear genetic markers for different geographic areas. Then again, I am no genetic scientist and I am sure science has changed since I went to university, longer ago than I'd like to admit.

Anyways, one interesting side effect of these services is that a significant minority (about 36%) of people who take these tests not only alter their perceived identities based on the results, but pick and choose which identities they want to embrace and ignore others.

Politics and Cheating

A new study has analyzed Ashley Madison users (Ashley Madison being the dating site geared specifically towards people who want to have affairs) by political affiliation. They found Libertarians most likely to be members and Democrats least.

DNA-Repairing Sunscreen

Apparently, DNA-repairing sunscreens may actually be things that work. There are only a few lab studies so far, but they are promising to show that they may repair skin damage caused by the sun. Oh, but they'll be expensive!

Sex and Meaning in Life

The more sex people have, the more likely they are to feel a sense of well-being, and even purpose in life.  Literally, people have sex, and then the next day they feel like life has more purpose, and this feeling is more directly related to how pleasurable the sex was, not the emotional intimacy involved. It doesn't appear that the researchers also looked at whether solo sexy fun gives the same feeling, but this is clearly the next question to ask.

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