Inspiration! The work of Pawel Kuczynski

I recently came across some of the work of painter Pawel Kuczynski in a post called "36 Brilliant Paintings That Describe Everything That's Wrong With the World Today" on Digital Synopsis.

Normally I bristle at these kinds of posts that claim that computers or social media are the root of all our problems today.  Anytime someone says something about "everything that's wrong with the world today", I expect an entirely reductive look at our problems, ignoring the root issues that lie within us (you know, cutting ourselves off, feeling lonely but doing nothing to reach out to others, selfishness, all those nice human traits) and blaming car exhaust instead.

Pawel Kuczynski's series of paintings, however, are beautiful, evocative, and really pointed in uncovering how we use modern technology to exacerbate our problems.  This painting did it for me the most:

Thought Provoking Paintings By Pawel Kuczynski 30
by Pawl Kuczunski

I look at that and I see our deep need for confession and communion filtered through the speaker of Facebook. How we have gutted faith (because, you know, logic and being busy doesn't align with having a faith) but kept the form so that we feel safe while we confess our deepness to everyone we know.

Another stunning image is of a cat with a mouse in its mouth, and three other mice taking photos of the event.  THIS IS WHAT WE DO, PEOPLE!  One of our own is being devoured, and we photograph it!

Heartbreaking.  Check out the rest of the images here.

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