Learning! How to Join Girls on the Dance Floor

I love dancing.  I also kind of hate clubs.  Every once and a while, my love for dancing will outweigh my hate for clubs and I'll go to a club and try to ignore all the things I hate about being there so I can dance because dancing is the best.  Generally I dance like a bit of a crazy person so the number one annoyance of clubbing (guys grinding up on you out of nowhere) is not a big issue for me.  Guys are, I suspect, a little bit too afraid to grind up on the girl who is flailing her arms all over the place on the dance floor.

Still, there is a conundrum often at play for dudes who have hit the club: they want to dance with a girl, but don't know how to break into her little circle without risking the ever-terrifying rejection.

There are a few tactics that I have observed: hovering awkwardly around the outside of her circle, right beside her, so that if she even turns around a little bit she'll be accidentally dancing with him; grabbing her from behind and grinding his junk on her, hoping she'll be all like, "oh yes, stranger, please rub yourself all over me"; or stepping up to her, extending a hand with a questioning expression on his face, as if to say "may I have this dance?"  So far, my favourite is the third, but I know it's also the scariest.  

Turns out, there is another way!  Youtuber (is that how you spell it when you talk about a person who makes Youtube videos?) Howcast has an instructional video on how to join girls dancing.  It's great!  Watch and learn!

She also has a ton more videos with dancing tips, so let the training montage ensue as you clumsily follow along and then emerge like a sexy dancing butterfly on the other side.

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