What if the US defunds Planned Parenthood?

Photo by Tom Morris/Wikimedia Commons

It's time for politics!  The Canadian election has officially begun, and last night we had our first leaders debate at the same time as the Republican Party of the US held a debate for (I believe) the top ten candidates for party leadership.

First of all - wow - this is the beginning of an exhausting procedure in the States, and if one thing is clear, it's that Donald Trump is going to do everything he can to insult Mexico as many times as possible from the standpoint of "Presidential Hopeful".

One of the things coming up a lot in American politics is Planned Parenthood.  People like Jeb Bush seem to think is a great idea is defunding Planned Parenthood.  Question is, what would that actually do?

Here is a great article in Pacific Standard detailing what would happen if Planned Parenthood lost its funding.  The main takeaway?  Poor people would have less access to reproductive health options and information.  And that's just what we want, right?  Poor people to have even less.

A useful reminder: while Planned Parenthood does provide abortion, the main thing they provide is birth control, STI testing/treatment, help with getting pregnant/fertility, general health care for those without family doctors, and counselling in relationship and sexual health.  Lots and lots of good things that a lot of people in America could not otherwise access.

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