Learning! The healing power of art

Us artsy types are always searching for ways to quantifiably justify our existence. Everything else is measurable: math, science, medicine, computing, we can point to tangible benefits those fields provide. We all know that art provides benefits too, because we experience them, but they are just slightly out of reach when it comes to explaining why they matter. Luckily, every once and a while, scientists throw us a bone. Like now!

A recent study shows that the joy, wonder, and awe that comes from experiencing a beautiful piece of art, be it a painting, piece of music, play, or dance show, actually has medical benefits! People who experience these emotions more often have lower levels of cytokine Interleukin 6, a marker of inflammation.

Okay, I have to come clean here. The news headline made this study all about art, but it's actually about emotions that people frequently experience through art. So I suppose if you experience awe and wonder without the glorious crescendo of Where the Streets Have No Name*, then you're also going to do well.

Still, pretty cool!

Source: The Telegraph

*I have no idea why I picked that song, as it could be one of the least relevant examples of a song with a building crescendo.  But now my mind is blank for any, except cheating and saying Mozart.  So let me know your favourite song that builds to a glorious, awe-inspiring crescendo?

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