Cute! Gertie has chair time.

Here is Gertie. She is having some Chair Time. Chair Time comes from my dear friend Katie who is currently living a European adventure with her excellent husband Will. Before her European adventure began, she had an apartment with a balcony that faced the sunset. Most days after work she would bring herself and a book out onto her balcony and sit in this chair to bathe in the dying sun's light and read. It was Chair Time.

When her European adventure began, she needed someone to hold onto her chair for her until she returned. As luck would have it, I moved into a new apartment, and that apartment had a balcony. My balcony overlooks a parking lot and not Stanley Park, but still, it's a balcony that gets about an hour and a half of direct sunlight in the evening, and I want to take full advantage of this. So I took the chair, looking forward to chair time of my own.

Instead, Gertie has claimed the chair as her own. I would be annoyed, but she's so darn cute! (Also, she is very easy to pick up and set aside, so her claim is kind of meaningless.)

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