Inspiration! Two Steps to Becoming Whatever You Want to Become

A while back I came across and bookmarked this article on how to become a morning person.  I've been edging more and more into "morning person" territory over the past year, and so far, I love it!  Sure, going to be earlier can be hard, but waking up earlier and having time in my morning to do yoga, write, eat a good breakfast, read, journal, meditate, or meet a friend for breakfast before work is fantastic.  It makes me feel like my life is more than the office.

I just came across the article again, and I was struck by two things:

One: the fact that even a couple years ago I never would have guessed that I would voluntarily be waking up at 7am, let alone working on moving that wake up time into the 6's.  It seemed like an insurmountable and completely insane idea.

Two: most of the advice involves planning ahead to make waking up as easy and enjoyable as possible.  For me this includes having a morning routine that I look forward to, occasionally having appointments (like my scheduled, not-at-home writing times) that I can't miss, picking an alarm tone that gently eases me awake so I don't wake up with a heart attack, and starting to think about bed an hour earlier than I used to.

This made me wonder: how many other things seem like good ideas, but we just can't fathom ever having the will or discipline to make it happen?

We often expect ourselves to "just do" something that we find unpleasant but know is good for us, and while we might be able to force ourselves out of bed or into the running shoes once or twice, it usually doesn't last.  Why?  Because we've done nothing to mitigate the unpleasantness.  We're forcing the brussell sprouts of life down our throats, but without even putting a little salt, butter, or garlic on them to ease us into their terrible flavour.

So here's my super-sneaky "two easy steps" to becoming whatever it is you want to become:

1) Plan ahead!  What are your excuses to avoid this activity?  What circumstances need to be in place to make it easy for yourself?

2) Put the circumstances into place so that it's easier to do the thing.  Then start doing it.

That's it!  No detail is too small, insignificant, or superficial.  Consider every element: schedule, duration, accessories/equipment, environment, and company.  Consider what your excuses are to avoid your thing, and then find ways to eliminate them.  Be honest with yourself about what motivates you and then indulge it.

If you're trying to become a fitness-person, you'll probably want to do it if you actually like your work out clothes and have a sweet pump-up mix of songs to listen to.  If scheduled classes motivate you because you have to be there, sign up for one!  If you do better to fit it in at home, pick a time when you'll have less of an opportunity to talk yourself out of it.

This works for pretty much anything you want to do.  Want to become more studious?  What time of day is your brain the sharpest?  In what environment do you best focus?  With what company (if any)?  Want to become more nutritious but hate cooking?  Buy vegetables in whatever format you find them most convenient - sure the packaged, pre-cut ones might be less than ideal when it comes to money and the environment, but if that's the only way you'll eat your broccoli, get them.

Go for it!  Make it easy!  Become whatever you want to become!

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