Inspiration! Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!  While Earth Day is primarily about the fact that we're killing the planet and need to stop, it's also a great opportunity to stop and appreciate the awesomeness of our planet and everything it does.

So, if you can, consider celebrating Earth Day by getting outside!  If you can get into wild nature that's great, but if not, a bog or park or seawall will suffice.  Try to touch something green.  It's good for your soul!  It might even inspire you - what problems are you trying to solve?  Do you want to paint or write or take photographs?  Do it outside!  Or let the fresh air clear the cobwebs out of your brain and start over.

Next, be inspired to change your ways!  Here is my Earth Day Challenge: think of ONE THING that you can do this year that will help the planet.  Just ONE commitment to make.

Here are some ideas:

  • Put your electronics on power bars and turn off the power bar when you're not using them (way easier than unplugging and plugging them in every time.)
  • Stop buying bottled water.
  • Vow to not use plastic bags anymore.
  • Actually look up what kind of plastics your city recycles and start recycling properly.
  • Repair clothes or other items instead of throwing them out and buying new ones.
  • Become a vegetarian (I know, I know, this is loaded, but it's also the simplest and cheapest way to help the environment.  At the very least, you can probably eat less meat.)
  • Get a bike and ride it more than you drive.  (Or walk!)
  • Banish elevators for anything less than 5 stories (or 3, whatever works for you).
  • Hang your clothes to dry (instead of using the dryer).
  • When you eat out, use one less paper napkin than you normally would.
  • Bring your own coffee cup instead of using paper ones.
  • Use matches over lighters!  (Unless you have a metal one you refill with fuel, plastic disposable lighters are much worse for the environment than wooden matches.)
  • Give away or sell things you don't want anymore instead of throwing them away.
  • Buy (or make) products with safer, more environmentally-friendly ingredients.
  • Look for things second-hand before you buy new versions.

Of course, like any resolution, you're bound to fail at some point.  You will desperately need to buy groceries and not have cloth bags on you, or be dying of thirst with a vending machine RIGHT THERE and no water fountain to be seen, or forget to turn off your power bar.  That's okay.  The point is to make an effort.  If you're really into rules for life, maybe give yourself an allowance for a certain number of "cheats" a month.  If not, then just be understanding and let your slips motivate you to try harder next time!

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