Singalong! My Secret by Anna Ternheim

Today is the day!  My dear friend Alison is getting married!  A few weeks ago we did a Weird Al singalong in honour of her stagette, and now for her wedding I decided to share another one of my "I can't believe I'm admitting to this, yes I'm a silly girl who thinks about her some-day-wedding-day, let's all get over it already" imagined wedding dance songs.  I've shared a few with you in the past (In My Life and My Favourite Book), and now I risk being driven into the Crazy Wedding-Planning Girl category by doing this, but I'm sharing another one.

It doesn't really have the right feel for a wedding dance, and the message is a bit strange for a wedding: it's basically saying "I met you and now I'm completely changing my plans and everyone thinks I'm crazy and shouldn't do it", which might not be the right sentiment for a wedding where everyone is gathering around to say "yes, we support this union", but there's something I like in it.  Something about shifting priorities (which I interpret as going from centering your life around your own needs and throwing someone else into the mix) and finding a peace that you didn't know would be there.

by Anna Ternheim

Today must have been one of the strangest days
Some would say that you won't find love that way
The best days are not planned by common sense, by lack of time
You just happen to be where everything feels fine

It's a new secret I have found

From today I'll change my priorities around
I'm no longer in command and people say
I'm off solid ground and you're to blame
But they dont understand, people never do
It's confusing, I dont expect them to

Its a new secret I have found

Today must have been one of the strangest days
I found a place where I could stay
And people say that it will kill me

But they dont understand
People never do, but it makes sense to me
To be senseless, to change my plans for you

It's a new secret I have found

And I'm off solid grounds for you

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