singalong! celebrating ladies with leslie knope (aka the best break up playlist of all time)

This week's singalong isn't just one song - it's an entire list. Specifically, Songza's list entitled Celebrating Ladies with Leslie Knope.

There are many reasons to be thrilled about Songza's extravaganza of positive ladies. I give you two:

First, Leslie Knope is one of the most wonderful, inspiring female characters on television who is fiercely feminist in the most positive and uplifting way a person could be. She is smart and fun and mayyyybe a little pushy, but only out of love. She also says "ovaries before brovaries", so, you know, score.

Second, this is one of the best playlists to listen to after a break up. I suspected this would be the case from the first time I discovered it, and have recently found this to be, in fact, true. (Which means that, yes, I am going through the whole "break up" thing right now - oh yay.)

I am a big believer in using music strategically to improve your life. I know it can be tempting to just revel in the pain during hard times, but I find that I get sucked into an abyss of darkness easily enough without sad songs to help me get there. During my last break up, which was of the true rip-my-heart-out-and-stomp-it-to-bits-while-I-offer-you-more-opportunities-for-the-same-type break up, I made a playlist of upbeat songs that I listened to at least once a day. This time, I realized I didn't need to - I had one offered up and waiting for me.

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