learn! science-y productivity

This article on Seven Simple productivity tips you can apply today, backed by science is a good one for keeners like you and me.

Brief summary (without their science-y explanations):

1) Help someone else
(I like anything that starts with looking outside yourself!)

2) Develop a daily routine
(That theoretically doesn't need to begin at 4am like this nutter.)

3) Deal with something only once
(This is the main one I've implemented so far - or tried to - instead of reading an email, thinking about it, setting it aside, picking it up again, blah blah, just do whatever you need to do right then, or add a relevant item to your to-do list or calendar.  Done.)

4) Take a nap
(I struggle with the concept of napping, but science is starting to convince me to give it a go.  We'll see.)

5) Keep a journal with you at all times
(I've tried versions of this with a gratitude journal and it radically changed my outlook on life.  Do it!)

6) Learn to use the word "no" more effectively
(Like maybe by using the word "don't"?)

7) Avoid the snooze button once and for all.
(Yeah!  It's for suckers.)

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