inspiration! lindsey stirling (aka the most beautiful thing i have ever watched and maybe i'll just die now)

I have a confession.  A confession people who know me in real life are mostly aware of, but a confession none-the-less: I hate watching videos online.  Truly.  I do.  They interrupt my day. They interrupt whatever I was doing, because I'm always doing five things at once online, and if you watch a video you have to stop all the other things and turn off your music and just watch it, and everyone else in the office will hear what you're doing, and it's not like you'll get in trouble because they all do it too, but then they'll start asking what you're doing and come over to see and if it's good you'll have to start it all over and… Yes.  It's so terrible I just wrote the longest sentence ever.  Life is hard.

That was the lead up to this week's inspiration.  An inspiration so inspiring I bumped the inspirational post I had scheduled for this week because it couldn't wait.  Because I pressed play on this video fully intending to move on and listen to whatever it was in the background with 30% of my attention (because of my aforementioned hatred for watching videos online) and then sat, open mouthed, staring at the screen for four minutes.

I am listening to it again as I post this and it is a constant battle not to go back to the tab with the video in it. WHY DO I NOT HAVE MULTIPLE SCREENS FOR MY COMPUTER?   I used to think it was lame and pointless but now it all makes sense.

I don't even care that this is a promotional video for an NBC show (that I'm TOTALLY going to watch, by the by), Lindsey Stirling is the dark, creepy ballerina I always wanted to be, and she plays the violin at the same time and everything is so beautiful it hurts and makes me happy all at once.

Mega shout out to my friend Alex for posting this in a list of random-things-his-internet-ramblings-found-him on Facebook.

Then I read her website more.  Augh, this girl is so cool I'm going to have a girl-hate-crush on her rather swiftly.  (A girl-hate-crush, for those of you who don't know, is that perverse jealousy/hatred girls get for other girls who are so awesome we love them too much.  It's not great, but it comes from a good place to begin with.)  Except that she's actually so good she might join Sarah Slean in my realm of undying affection and sisterhood.  Look at her:

She's so flippin' cute!  And she's all savvy with the internet and the marketing, which I really appreciate as a marketing-type person (who can't bring herself to actually market herself ever and only does it for others in a remotely effective way).

AUGH!  I can't decide if I'm inspired to do more with myself now or actually want to give up on life.  No.  No.  NO, Andrea.  Stick with it.  Don't give up.  Be inspired.  Okay.  I choose inspired.


  1. Damn right. When I post videos (which is rare) I only post gold.

  2. Nice, Al! I pretty much only use YouTube when I want to share music (like the singalong posts), because it's the easiest way and you don't have to look at anything. :)