inspiration! britney

I know I'm going to lose a lot of respect, posting this as my first-ever Inspiration! post. But there are two things about this song and video that inspire me:

1) It is vintage Britney. That girl has finally swung back around from the very very very hard times she was going through. Sure, it would be nice if her comeback wasn't so closely linked to her hot bod, but more than that, she appears to finally be owning it again. That makes me happy and makes me feel like if she can come back, anyone can. (Also, check out those baggy pants and crop top - so Hit Me Baby, One More Time!

2) The message. I have oft been teased for examining the messages in pop songs, but everything has a message and so does this. What's this message? You want something, go out and work for it. No promises that you'll get it, but it sure ain't going to come to you if you sit around and wait. Go Britney!

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