hashtag "the worst"

One of the best uses of Twitter, aside from sharing 30 animated GIFS that you'll recognize if you were born in the 80's/are an introvert/extrovert/actor/runner/pinterest-user/human person, is observing the incredible entitlement of privileged human beings.  My latest favourite way to explore said entitlement is through the hashtag "the worst."  Now, to be fair, many circumstances hashtagged "the worst" are pretty annoying.  Observe:

Now, to be fair, some of these are legitimately annoying.  Strict dads and wearing pants?  Oh man, totally frustrating?  Underneath it all are the cries of: "I have access to healthcare, wealth, time, and choice but it's being slightly hampered!  Now I think I might die!!!" 

Okay, so maybe this is actually life or death for all of them.  Maybe the breakfast person has a condition where they need to eat breakfast food every 4 hours or they'll die and this is the only restaurant in a 5-hour radius.  Maybe the strict dad is locking her in a tower Rapunzel-style and her hair is too bleached to let her rescuer climb up it.  Maybe the healthcare guy's dentist is the evil Little Shop of Horrors dentist and the girl going to the sale could have only afforded to buy something she really needed at exactly 11% off.

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