changes afoot!

Things are revamping and renewing around here!  I'm getting things going again, with some weekly features and then the occasional thought-bomb from me.

Get ready for Cute! Mondays, Inspire! Wednesdays, Learn! Fridays, and Singalong! Weekends.

All this stuff will go on the twitter and some of it on the Instagram.  There are even hashtags, because that's how we roll.  You can also follow my Pinterest boards, and then you'll probably get some previews to what's coming, because I like to pin stuff that's cute or teaches me things.  So that will be sort of like peeking at your Christmas presents in the back of the closet, but your Christmas presents are nestled among a whole whack of trick Christmas presents that will never be used.  So basically, it's your call.

Anyhoo, all those links are on the side now.  Click on them if you want.

See you next Monday when we get cute together!

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