learn! happiness

Learning how to be happy is kind of zeitgeist-y right now, and while I think it's actually a bit dangerous to lay too much responsibility on the individual for their lifelong well-being, there are some good nuggets. Here we find some habits of happy people.

My favourites:

They surround themselves with happy people.
 (Like the Cosby family!) 
They appreciate simple pleasures. 
(This makes me feel good about the fact that I get super easily excited by things like tea, sunshine, and cheese.) 
They devote some time to giving and spend money on others.
(Because I think one of the main keys to happiness is looking beyond yourself!) 
They look on the bright side. 
(The world is equally full of joyous beauty and terrifying horrors. Looking at the joyous beauty more often makes it appear to grow. Plus, it's just nicer.)

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