Your Place is in Your Own Life

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I really don't put much (if any) stock in astrology, but do love reading my horoscope when I come across it. Every once in a while, there's one that really cuts to the quick:

You must come to terms with an inexplicably hard truth right now: Your place is in your own life. You have to let go of the intoxication of other and claim your self. You are watching the people you know best ride off into their lives and your own feet are itchy to follow, but that is not your path. Not yet. Instead, dig your hands into the soil and understand that if no one tends the here and now, there will be nothing to harvest later. Listen carefully to that deep, quiet whisper that tells you to choose what is truly yours, that tells you to be responsible to your life pulsing beneath your feet. Growing is not always easy, but outgrowing is even more difficult to accept. This month, be careful and be conscious. Do not chase them. Stand in you.
-The Fold (emphasis added)

I wouldn't have told you a day ago that this was something I needed to hear, but I think this is something I needed to hear.

Maybe you did, too. Regardless of your sign.

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