Until You Can See a Way to Love Life Again

A photo of a cabin covered in snow - all you can see is the small peaked top of the roof.
Somehow this image seemed right for this post.
Photo by Joel Tasche.

"In the morning I drink
coffee until I can see
a way to love life
again. It's okay, there's
no difference between
flying and thinking
you're flying
until you land."

I love everything about this poem. It's called Suggested Donation by Heather Christle.

There is more:

I own like six nail clippers
and I honestly can't
remember ever buying
even one. My sister
came to visit and 
saw them in a small
wooden bowl. I
heard her laughing in
the bathroom. I hope
she never dies. There's
no harm in hoping
until you land."

It's so wonderful and painful, isn't it? It makes me want to give up and embrace life all at the same time.

(PS: This isn't the whole poem! Someone named @lighghghght shared it!)

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