Breaking Streaks Makes Habits

A photo of a neon sign that says "habits to be made"
Photo by Drew Beamer.

Here's something I hadn't thought about before: you don't truly build your habit until you break your streak.

Back when I was doing my yoga teacher training, we talked about the importance of doing yoga every day. (Every. Single. Day.)

During my teacher training, it was easy. My life revolved around yoga and I wanted to practice between classes to experiment with the things we were learning.

Once teacher training ended, however, it immediately became harder. I started missing days, and (gasp) even a whole week, before my life got really shaken up and I basically abandoned my home practice for months.

But! Whether I missed a day or more, here's how I know it was really a habit: I started up again. I didn't worry about "catching up" or somehow correcting for lost time, I just picked my yoga habit back up and kept going.

(Admittedly, that's not what the article I linked to is really about. It's about being gentler with yourself and letting your habit be something you actually ENJOY, not just something you force yourself to do for the sake of having done it. Which is also very good advice.)

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