BREAKING: Jerks Tell On Themselves For Being Jerks

I saw this on Twitter and retweeted it with an all-caps I HATE THIS SO MUCH, but have since decided that this wasn't enough. I need to use more words. I need to RANT.

This woman's COLLEAGUE sent her a message with an actual picture of her, doing her job, being reasonable, just to let her know, "oh hey, in case you weren't aware, I WAS SEXUALIZING YOU back there and also everyone else should know but I am going to be anonymous about it because I am a coward." (They said this using the words "this is what you think we see," regarding the first pic, and then another pic of a braless lady in a very low-cut wrap top, saying "this is what we see.")

FIRST OF ALL, you obviously saw what she "thought you saw," you gross id-driven buttface. You saw it because you grabbed a screenshot of it and said "this is what you think we saw" which means you know exactly what she was presenting to the world and that it's a FINE WAY TO PRESENT YOURSELF.

Second, WHOSE FAULT IS IT if you look at that perfectly reasonable woman and then mentally make their clothes smaller? Is it hers???? Or did you just tell on yourself for being a jerk who can't handle the WORLD????

Are we supposed to get dressed in the morning and then look at our outfits from all angles and say to ourselves, "hmmmmm, could a man look at me and imagine these clothes are smaller?" Because spoiler alert: YOU CAN DO THAT WITH ANY AMOUNT OF CLOTHING. 

(Unless of course, we wore no clothes at all. No mental clothes-shrinking there. I would say that's giving you what you want, but I'm genuinely not sure what you want. Except to make her feel bad.)

Third, this came from a COLLEAGUE. UGH. And it was sent to everyone. SO MUCH UGH. These people are supposed to be on your TEAM.

Fourth, people are the worst sometimes.

Fifth, is there something wrong with the second picture that shows more skin??? What's wrong with it, if the woman is happy and comfortable??? (Okay, okay, I realize that in many workplaces, showing too much of your body is considered inappropriate and while that's probably gendered, it is not entirely gendered, as sex and professional comportment do not go together in most people's minds, and I guess that's reasonable? Unless someone's profession is actually related to sex and sexiness? Then I guess the judgement would be reversed and she would be getting a condescending note pointing out that when she wears this cleavage-y wrap top, it's not showing enough and her colleagues basically see her in a conservative v-neck top and can she please dress sexier already, this is a workplace?)

Sixth, can we just stop now with all of this?

Seventh, The Vancouver Island Cleavage Patrol sounds like a band name that 12-year-old boys would think was so cool and hilarious. My dude, at what age did you stop developing?


Ninth, kaythanksBYEEEEEEEEEE.

An animated gif of Mariah Carey blowing a little kiss and waiving goodbye before walking away.

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