Let's Not Make People Touch Things We Touched With the Bottom of Our Shoes

An animated gif of Eric from That '70s Show - he winds up to kick an apartment door and then falls backwards into the wall behind him and slides down it.

Yesterday, I was walking out of my neighbourhood mall and a man walking out beside me decided to kick at the button to open the door hands-free. It was awkward, it took him three kicks to get it, and he was kicking with a force that I would deem unnecessary to press a button unless you also intended to break it.

In a move pretty unusual for me, I said something. Out loud. To this person. About how they weren't making the most considerate life choice.

I said, "Hey, just so you know, it's actually better to use your elbow or hip to press those buttons, because people with disabilities have to touch them."

He looked at me with the expression of someone who isn't entirely sure they are the one being spoken to and walked away.

What a successful interaction!

But seriously, don't kick the buttons for door opening. People in mobility devices can often only reach them with their hands. It's just not nice to make them touch something that you kicked at with the bottom of your shoe that has definitely walked over dried pee.

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