A new computer that's powered by AIR

University of Washington Researchers Invented WISP: a battery-free computer
Source: WISP Wiki

I love the future!  Scientists at the University of Washington have created a tiny computer that doesn't require a battery because it pulls power directly from the AIR.  Specifically, it uses radio waves emitted by an RFID reader (that's what your fancy door fobs use), and converts those into electricity.

So far it can be used to track sensor data (similar to what a FitBit might do) and could easily be used for things like wireless headphones.  It's also already been applied to cryptography and security-related processes.

If there's one thing that drives me nuts about our incessantly wireless society is that it means EVERYTHING needs to either have it's batteries replaced or charged.  (Oh, you've upgraded me to a bluetooth mouse at work?  Great, let's stock up on 5,000 AA batteries.)  This could actually be a huge game-changer if it ever gets applied to consumer goods.

It's also totally open source, so if you're a tech-smart person, check it out on their Wiki!

Source: PFSK, Washington University, Co.Design

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