learning! homeopathy is bunk

Science has finally confirmed it. Homeopathy is bunk!

If you didn't know, homeopathy is based on the idea that like can treat like.  It's not a crazy idea - that's how vaccines work - the difference is that homeopathy dilutes the "treatments" so much that they essentially are not in there at all.  And it also isn't based on anything even remotely proven effective.

Normally I would throw my hands to the wind and proclaim that the placebo effect is truly magical and if people get better that's great.  Except that people are buying what they think are "vaccines" for things like HIV!  HIV!  There are no vaccines for HIV!  This is actually dangerous.  People are going around thinking that they're vaccinated for HIV when they are NOT.

Of course, people who are into homeopathy also don't care about what scientific research says.

Alas, read the article for yourself here and then get all up-in-arms about it if you so desire.

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