singalong! monster by you say party

My sister's band, You Say Party! just released an album celebrating their tenth anniversary, so I'm celebrating with them by posting my favourite song of theirs.  This one actually makes me get all teary most of the time, because I'm sappy like that.

You Say Party!

Dressed up in your outsides,
Inside you’re in nighttime,
Everywhere is frightening
There’s something you are needing to find,

The pressure is pressing you down
That raging monster pulling you around
It wants to rip our skins apart
Tear out the strings connected to our hearts
Our hearts, our hearts,

Evil glare under her eyelids
Rudely wears us on her mouth
Trembling when we see her
Run and hide, she’s coming around to

Tear out the strings (x3)
Connected to our heart
Tear out the strings (x3)
Connected to our heart, our hearts, our hearts,

Our hearts,
You were in the way of yourself, crowded you in, dark clouds hung around, in the hope of a home,
Your body grew wider, your movements slowed down, delusions of dying made sense in your head,
The hair grew in thick,
Your talons reached in,
The venom fought hard,
To poison our hearts,
Delusions of dying made sense in your head,
But you're better than that, you're better than that

Tear out, tear out.

The way we’re made protects us
The bones, the muscles shelter
But it’s our blood that mends us
It’s our blood that mends us

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