This Week's Gratitude

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This week I have been grateful for:
The return of park hangs season! It's sunny! It's sort of warm and definitely warm enough to be outside!

My friend's son (who is my heart-nephew) who, when I saw him, immediately wanted to share the story of a scary thing that happened that day, but he doesn't really have words yet, so he pantomimes it and makes little signal noises and it's so adorable.

For the first time, I was grateful there were not new health restrictions, because even though I think we need them I also just really wanted the artists currently working at the theatre to be able to do their show and they ARE!

I had a moment for casual conversation and bouncing ideas around with a coworker I don't often get to do that with, and it was really nice and helpful.

I got the answer to a question that's been bouncing around in my head for a while, and it may not have been the answer I was hoping for but it was the second best scenario, which may actually wind up being the best scenario. Either way, I don't have to wonder anymore!
I got stood up for a Tinder date I didn't really want to go on and got to sit in a park in the sun and read a book instead. WIN. 

This Week's Delight:
- Having a staff meeting IN-PERSON and OUTDOORS in the SUN instead of over Zoom. It was the most delighted land acknowledgement I have ever given.

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