Both Are True

Okay, so:
We cannot, in any fairness, expect our past selves to know things we know now or hold them to our current standards. We acted, at the time, based on what we knew and what we were capable of. Expecting anything different is ridiculous and unfair.

We've made mistakes. We've been ignorant. We have LEARNED. It was all part of the journey.
And also:
Sometimes those mistakes hurt people along the way. Sometimes we (intentionally or not) kept terrible systems afloat or made decisions with really bad consequences for others or ignored information we could have easily taken into account.

Sometimes, we could have, and should have, done better and there is accountability for that. 

(This has been today's presentation of Two Statements That Both Oppose and Support One Another That Are Both True and Must Be Held in Tension Which Is Difficult To Do and Heck if I Know How But it's Important.)

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